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Cleaning the cooker

The efficiency of the cooker will be reduced if the mirror surface gets dull by dust, dirt or scatches on the surface.
Therefore it is good use to:

  1. use a dry, soft and clean cloth to remove any dust from inside the mirror right before using it. Don't scrub with the cloth but use it more like a fan to blow the dust away.
  2. If you are stiring in the pot and there is any danger that food drops out of the pot, then turn up the mirror to remove it from under the pot (like shown on this picture).

    s cook05
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  3. After usage turn the mirror completely up so the mirror face looks to the ground and the cooker looks like a mushroom or an open umbrella. All rain wil hit now only the back of the mirror and no dust will collect on the mirror.
  4. Clean the mirror intensively maybe once a week as follows:
    1. First pure a lot of water over the upright mirror to wash any sharp san partilcles from the surface.
    2. Next use clean water with liquid cleaning detergent or with dissolved washing powder and clean the mirror surface with a clean sponge or clean soft cloth. Clean the lower half first, then turn the mirror to the opposite side to clean the other half, which is now again the lower one.
    3. Remove the cleaning liquid by flushing the mirror with clean water again.
    4. Dry all water on the mirror by wiping it with a clean, dry soft cloth, like in before first one half than the other one.