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 What does AMSI mean?

AMSI is the shortcut for Arba Minch Solar Initiative. The aim of AMSI is to stop the deforestation in Arba Minch and the surrounding by spreading the good idea of using solar cookers instead of firewood. AMSI wants to train metal workers in producing the solar cookers and wants to teach interested woman how to handle and use the solar cooker for roasting coffee, making bread and cooking local food.

AMSI tries to improve the construction of the solar cooker and to import and distribute the mirror material needed for the cooker as far as possible.

All members of AMSI are working on a non-profit basis and everybody who wants to support the idea of AMSI is invited to participate with ideas, teaching and other supporting activities.

AMSI was founded and promoted by Mr. Ernest Willand  (the author of these pages) and Ato Muise Gipo with the support of the Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) during the year 1997. The responsibility for the project then was handed over to the Appropriate Technology Center of the AWTI and the Women Project of the Kale Heywet Church in  Arba Minch.